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A fan of experiential brands for a long time (and Big Wheels)

Welcome to Youtail Retail™ – a marketing consultancy and blog about great customer experiences.

As a marketing consultant, I work with companies to develop and execute marketing strategies, plans and campaigns. I also help marketers better understand their competition through custom marketing reports.


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Professional Background 

My career over the last 20 years includes working in the marketing departments at Warner Bros., Disney and THQ and integrated marketing agency Vertical Marketing Network. More recently, I became a marketing consultant and a College Educator and teach Social Media Marketing, Retailing and Consumer Behavior. 

To learn more about my professional history and education please visit my LinkedIn page http://www.linkedin.com/in/danielleconte/

Some favorite quotes

“Marketing is not about convincing consumers how awesome we are. Marketing is about helping our consumers become more awesome.” -Tom Fishburne

“At the same time, a critical but often overlooked benefit of open customer communication is that individuals want to be heard. Your disgruntled customer doesn’t want you to make excuses, and possibly doesn’t even want you to fix yesterday’s problem (possibly even too late for that), but she does want you to know that you know, that you care, and that it’s not going to happen again.” -Seth Godin

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