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Understanding the Competition – Custom Competitive Marketing Reports

Launching a new category, brand, or product at retail? Need a comprehensive understanding of the direct competition at select retail accounts? Don’t have the internal resources to gather the necessary updates so the team is informed? I will prepare a custom PowerPoint deck that covers current on-shelf presence, in-store advertising and promotional vehicles, digital communication, mobile, and social media channel snapshot.  Includes a list of important asks so you can put opportunities into action. 

Need Ideas – Ideation Session 

Is your brand, sales or retail marketing team currently charged with creating and packaging retail program ideas that connect with customers? Do you want to present an integrated program for an upcoming meeting instead of generic placeholder copy? I develop and run custom ideation sessions for brand, retail marketing, sales and agency groups to draw the best ideas out of teams and then package them into programs so your brand stands out at retail. 

Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to reach out. or (310) 871-8976.