What Others Are Saying

“Danielle’s competitive reports have been extremely valuable to me and have not only captured a campaign’s marketing elements, but also highlighted any meaningful trends or observed sentiments expressed by consumers through social media. These insights have kept me aware of how other major entertainment brands connect with consumers across multiple checkpoints. These practical yet timeless resources are worth their weight in gold.” -Cisco Maldonado, Global Franchise Management, DC Entertainment 

“Through each of her roles with Vertical Marketing Network, Danielle has proven to be an intellectual thinker and brilliant communicator whose passion for marketing is simply contagious. I can always count on her to provide thoughtful recommendations backed by relevant marketing examples across multiple industries.” -Phil Saifer, President of Vertical Marketing Network 

“Danielle’s work and recommendations were highly innovative and successful. We were able to capitalize on her broad understanding of marketing, agency services and client expectations. She is very regarded by our team and we will continue to engage her. I highly recommend hiring Danielle for your next marketing, branding and business development projects.” -Charlie MacLeod, President of SMM Advertising

“I loved working with Danielle. She is an incredibly professional business partner and exemplary marketing and brand manager. Danielle’s interpersonal skills are second-to-none and she manages difficult situations with aplomb. I highly recommend Danielle and would be thrilled to be able to work with her again.” -Stephanie Bond, Editor at Bondville, Digital Marketing Consultant at Bondville Media